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The Music program focuses on developing a passion for music, as well as the confidence to perform. Students practise singing in every music lesson to help develop pitch, rhythm, and the ability to sing with others. They also explore a range of musical instruments, musical genres and performance styles from around the world.

Outside the music class, our students are offered a range of performance opportunities, in the form of school musicals, choirs, performances groups, film & recording, assembly presentations, and evening concerts.


From Prep to Year 6, the Gardenvale Drama program focuses on developing our students' confidence, team work and social skills, as well as their performance techniques and abilities. The program is based on the expressive skills of voice, movement, gesture and facial expression, and teaches students about presenting character and emotion, play building, theatre styles, and design elements.


Starting in Year 3, students explore the style, content and application of different media through the creation of advertisements, news reports, film trailers, infomercials, music videos, children's TV shows. They also use a range of film and music recording technology, software and techniques to help develop their abilities in producing different media and communicate meaning to an audience.

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