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Such Is Life (2020)

Set in the town of Glenrowan in 1880, the story tracks the lives of two families; a family of Squatters (early migrants to Australia whose families became very rich) and a family of Selectors (later arrivals who were very poor due to being given worthless pieces of land to work on).

The story takes place as police are on the hunt for the infamous Ned Kelly; both a hero to the Selectors and a villain o the squatters. Can the kids help their families work out their differences and help avoid catastrophe?

SUCH IS LIFE is about how looking the world from different points of view, and how this can help us to see the inner goodness of people.

Production Shots

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gardenvale's Musical 'SUCH IS LIFE' was converted into a feature length film. Over the remote learning periods, students rehearsed online via Zoom, learning lines, songs, and dances.

When students returned to face to face learning, the scenes were filmed on location at Gardenvale, whilst songs were lipsynced in front of a green screen, to adhere to social distancing.

While a daunting task at first look, everyone banded together to create a very special piece of work.


Cast Recording

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