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One Little Cup (2018)

When Ellie, Tommy and Megsy discover a little cup in the hollow of a tree and decide to take it home with them, they don’t know the trouble that they have created. For it is this ‘One Little Cup’ that has sustained the bush and it’s creatures for hundreds of years.

When Twirl the wizard and his side kick Zip the kangaroo, Flick the fairy and Strutt the emu learn their beloved cup taken, they face the children and work with them to recover the cup and return it to it’s rightful place.


One Little Cup.png

Their journey takes them to a museum, a deserted country town, a garbage tip and Melbourne’s Flinders St Station and at each place the cup seems to bring life and energy to all who behold it. Or does it? Is it the cup that is making the changes or is it the people themselves?

‘One Little Cup’ looks at issues of sustainability and recycling, teamwork and cooperation. It gives a simple message; as Megsy would say: “… that when you believe in something, when you really want something and when you work really hard to change something… you can!”

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